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The Idea Guide to Foundation GCSE Mathematics

By Barbara Young

An unusual approach to GCSE Foundation Mathematics, that works!

Y10 Idea Guide
Y10 Idea Guide
Price £5 inc p&p

(Total  Pack (A+B+C+D) free with 20 books ordered)

or £20 + VAT
(Total  Pack (A+B+C+D)


Y11 Idea Guide
Y11 Idea Guide

Price £5 inc p&p

(Total Pack (A+B+C+D)
free with 20 books ordered)

or £20 + VAT
(Total  Pack (A+B+C+D)

Students in our lower sets said,

"We don’t want a course that only does the easy stuff (a ‘dumbo’ course).  We want to do the same work as everyone else. So, will you please:Idea

  • Make the instructions and explanations clearer.
  • Introduce ideas more slowly and put in extra steps.
  • Put in extra practice.
  • Make the work interesting."

So that is what we did!

We then found that this approach also worked well with students in the middle sets so the foundation course was born.

Each section starts with WORKING TOGETHER problems which are tackled on the board or using the interactive whiteboard.

Low attaining students find these problems fun to do as a group and they develop confidence.

Following this, students can choose which of the problems to tackle using the ON YOUR OWN material at the end of each section.


Motivation soars and so do exam grades!

The GCSE Foundation course that:

  • Is accessible to and motivates low attainers; we found that low attainers tackled one section per lesson.
  • Motivates and enables foundation students aiming at a Grade C; we found that middle set students tackled 1-2 sections per lesson.

The Idea Guide is designed to be delivered in two ways:

  • Using the textbook as a standalone course.
  • Using the textbook along with INTERACTIVE WHITEBOARD material.
    Low attainers respond well to this material and achieve much better grades than expected.


The Idea Resource and Assessment Pack contains:

Basic Pack [A]:

  • Teachers’ Notes
  • Worksheet masters
  • Star Challenge Answers
  • Student Homework Booklets, one booklet per topic aimed at low attainers.

Interactive Material [B]:

  • Versions of WORKING TOGETHER material and revision suitable for use with Interactive Whiteboards.
  • Each full colour screen has spaces for answers and working, where applicable.
  • Star Challenge Answers.

Revision & Assessment [C]:

  • Revision Sheets & Answers for each topic.
  • Assessments & Answers for each topic.

Exam Question Bank [D]:

  • Large bank of exam-style revision questions, organised to match the topics in the text.
  • Questions can be extracted to make up Exam Papers or Revision Booklets.
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