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The Sureshot Guides Contents

The GCSE course that motivates and enables all higher tier students.


Contents of The Sureshot Guides (Y10 & Y11)

  • Topic 1:      Number Techniques
  • Topic 2:      Functions, Sequences and Proof
  • Topic 3:      Transformations, Shapes, Areas and Volumes
  • Topic 4:      Pythagoras and Trigonometry
  • Topic 5:      Expressions and Equations
  • Topic 6:      Measuring Likelihood
  • Topic 7:      Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, Ratios
  • Topic 8:      Graphs


  • Topic 9:      Arcs, Areas, Volumes and Formulae**
  • Topic 10:    Analysing Statistics**
  • **These topics are in both texts to provide flexibility.


  • Topic 11:    Further Number Techniques
  • Topic 12:    Algebra – towards A-Level (Part 1)
  • Topic 13:    Graphs and Functions
  • Topic 14:    Algebra – towards A-Level (Part 2)
  • Topic 15:    Further Geometric Techniques
  • Topic 16:    3D Trigonometry and Circle Theorems

The emphasis throughout is on non-calculator skills, with a particular stress on mental agility. Many of the sections within the topics open with items that can be used as mental/oral starters and the techniques taught/reviewed here should be repeated regularly over the weeks following their introduction. Calculators are still used where applicable.


The Y10 & Y11 Sureshot Guides deliver enjoyment of mathematics as well as a good rigorous grounding in both Knowledge and Techniques.

They use, wherever possible, questions that involve real situations and data and some mythical situations and/or data.

All this leads to enjoyment and a sense of achievement, which is all that is needed to dekiver good grades.

The course should start with Topic 1. This contains the number techniques that will be assumed thereafter throughout the course.The rest of the topics are independent and can be done in any order. Any techniques required within a topic that are taught elsewhere, will be repeated at the point where they are required.





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Problem: Students enjoyed working with The 'Maths is...' Jugglers texts so much that parents complained that they were doing much more maths than had been set for homework and not leaving enough time for other homework.

Solution: Students were told that they should complete their other set homework before doing their maths.

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