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Y9 Optymistic Guide

The Optymistic Guide to Y9 Mathematics

an innovative approach to Y9 Maths

and an excellent preparation for the Higher Tier GCSE course starting in Y10

By Barbara Young


  then students will be MOTIVATED and DO WELL.



ISBN: 978-1-905081-19-7
Price £5 each inc p&p

Teachers' Resource & Assessment Pack CD
(free with 20 books ordered) or £15 + VAT

The material in each of the 11 topics:

  • follows a logical development of mathematical ideas from L4 to L8,
    progressing up through the levels as students work through the topic
    and is preceded by a Contents and Levels Chart

Each student:

  • is given a set time to do what they can within the topic (3-4 weeks)
    and is given the end-of-topic test date.
  • chooses their own starting point within the topic, with help if needed
  • should mark their own work and seek help if there is anything that
    they do not understand or cannot get right
    (A student's teacher is his/her best resource)
  • should do a revision sheet and assessment at the end of each topic.

Each teacher:

  • can reorder the material, and/or decide what is suitable for individual
    students using the Contents and Levels Chart at the front of each topic.
  • can incorporate material from elsewhere that has worked well for them
  • can teach some parts to all or part of the class
  • should help/teach individual students as is required
  • at the end of each topic will need about an hour to mark the assessment.


Contents of The OPTYMISTIC Guide

Topic Titles

Back to Basics       Beyond Bar Charts   Working with Numbers
Areas, Volumes and Formulae               Probability
Fractions, Decimals and Percentages     Patterns and Rules
The Geometry of Angle and Shape        Coordinates and Graphs
Practical and Computational Measurement
Extending Algebraic Techniques (must go after Patterns & Rules)


At the beginning of each topic, there is a contents list which is matched to the levels
in the National Curriculum for Mathematics.


Teachers' COPYMASTER Resource & Assessment Pack CDs are available for each KS3 & KS4 text (usual price £25 + VAT)

These contains  Teaching Notes          Worksheet Masters         Answers to Star Challenges.
                       End-of-Topic Revision Sheets.**                     End-of-Topic Assessments.**      
                       Revision and Assessment Answer Packs.**      Can-do Sheets.**

** matched to National Curriculum Levels.


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Problem: Students enjoyed working with The 'Maths is...' Jugglers texts so much that parents complained that they were doing much more maths than had been set for homework and not leaving enough time for other homework.

Solution: Students were told that they should complete their other set homework before doing their maths.

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