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Y9 Pow EXTRA & Optymistic Guides


The two texts that motivate Y9 students of all abilities by giving them:Pow

  • a totally different approach to mathematics
  • responsibility for their own success
  • a well-deserved sense of achievement

Each topic is clearly labelled and progresses steadily up the levels.

For each topic you can:

  • choose the best starting point(s) for your students.
  • tell them how long they will be allowed to spend on that topic.
  • see how far they can progress up the levels in that time.

This means that better students are not held back by slower classmates and teachers have more time to spend with those who need their help most.

Watch well-motivated students fly and confidence soar!

These two Y9 courses can follow any Y7 & Y8 courses. Schools who prefer to cover KS3 in Y7-8, could use these books for their Y8 students, as each topic covers levels 3-6 (Pow EXTRA) and levels 4-8 (Optymistic).
Students start each topic at the point most appropriate for them and work as far as they can up the levels in the time allowed.


These texts were developed by Barbara Young in the classoom over several years, with the enthusiastic help of her students,
and then trialled in a wide variety of schools.

All students, even those in lower sets, were extremely well motivated working with this material and the teachers had plenty of time to work with students, individually or in groups.

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