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Y7 Headbanger & Y8 Yerwat Guides


by Barbara Young & Andy Hamilton


Y7 Headbanger Guide

Price £5 inc p&p
Teachers CD Resource & Assessment Pack
( free with 20 books ordered) or £15 + VAT

ISBN: 978-1-905081-41-1
Price £5 inc p&p

Teachers CD Resource & Assessment Pack
( free with 20 books ordered) or £15 + VAT

"I had forgotten that teaching maths could be such fun.”

    Experienced teacher using our texts for the first time


These books have motivated both Students and Teachers. They have markedly raised the attainment in schools and received approval from both parents and INSPECTORS.

They form a two year course with the material mainly based on Levels 4-6, but also straying into Level 7. With this material, students are enabled and motivated to develop their problem-solving ability and achieve a standard much higher than they had thought they could.

YerwatThe Y7 Headbanger and Y8 Yerwat Guides provide a sound, broad-based course with the accent on extension rather than acceleration.  Basic techniques are taught/reinforced and plenty of practice given, with the focus on problem-solving skills and the enjoyment of mathematics.

The Y9 courses that follow Y7 & Y8 texts build on the sound foundation given by them; here the accent is on acceleration. Students fly – and thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Star Challenges motivate students of all abilities; with them each student demonstrates their mastery of the techniques they have just covered. The number of stars is a measure of the difficulty of a Challenge, the course enables students over a wide ability range to tackle most of the Star Challenges where students can earn 1, 2, 3 or 4 stars on each challenge dependent on the difficulty and how much they are able to answer correctly.

At the end of each topic there is a set of High Level Challenges based upon that topic.  The most able students are expected to tackle these High Level Challenges when they complete a section, rather than moving onto the next section ahead of the rest of the class. Students are also free to complete the High Level Challenges in their own time. Many complete all these Challenges and there are over 200 in each text.

There is an integral programme of mental/oral work in both of these books.


Topic Titles

Working with Numbers should be FUN!
Areas and Other Measures
Coordinates and Graphs
Fractions, Decimals, Percentages & Ratios
Introduction to Algebra
Lines, Angles and Shapes
Handling Data
Number Patterns



Topic Titles

Number Techniques
Geometry Is …
Sequences, Functions and Graphs
How Likely Is It?
Skills in Algebra
Areas, Volumes and Other Measures
Fractions, Decimals & Percentages
Measurement Skills
Working with Data


Teachers' COPYMASTER Resource & Assessment Pack CDs are available for each KS3 & KS4 text
(usual price £35 + VAT)

These contains   Teaching Notes          Worksheet Masters         Answers to Star Challenges.
                       End-of-Topic Revision Sheets.**                     End-of-Topic Assessments.**      
                       Revision and Assessment Answer Packs.**      Can-do Sheets.**

** matched to National Curriculum Levels.

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Problem: Students enjoyed working with The 'Maths is...' Jugglers texts so much that parents complained that they were doing much more maths than had been set for homework and not leaving enough time for other homework.

Solution: Students were told that they should complete their other set homework before doing their maths.

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