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The Y7 & Y8 Framework Course


The Headbanger Guide to the Y7 Framework
The Yerwat Guide to the Y8 Framework
The Framework Course

These texts provide sound, broad-based, courses with the accent on extension rather than acceleration. 

  • Basic techniques are taught/reinforced and plenty of practice given, using a wide variety of exercises and unusual problems and puzzles; the accent is on problem-solving skills and enjoyment of mathematics.

  • All explanations and examples are included in the text, so students who miss lessons can catch up on their own. Many students work on extension maths problems in their own time, using Star and High Level Challenges which are designed to motivate students.

  • The Framework texts are aimed at the top 50-70% of the ability range. The most able students are stretched with over 200 High level Challenges in each text, some which can even challenge the teachers! While the EXTRA texts are aimed at the lower 40-60% of the ability range.

  • Both texts have an integral programme of mental/oral work.

Students of all abilities are motivated to achieve more.

Star Challenge Example

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Problem: Students enjoyed working with The 'Maths is...' Jugglers texts so much that parents complained that they were doing much more maths than had been set for homework and not leaving enough time for other homework.

Solution: Students were told that they should complete their other set homework before doing their maths.

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