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Open Source Downloads

Below is a freshly released extensive library of downloads now available for free :- 

Year 7 Headbanger Mainstream

T1 - Working with numbers should be FUN! (Headbanger)

T2 - Areas and other measures (Headbanger)

T3 - Symetry, Transformations and Polygons (Headbanger)

T4 - Co-ordinates and graphs (Headbanger)

T5 - Fractions, Decimals, Percentages and Ratios (Headbanger)

T6 - Introduction to Algebra (Headbanger)

T7 - Probability (Headbanger)

T8 - Lines, Angles, Shapes (Headbanger)

T9 - Handling Data (Headbanger)

T10 - Number Patterns (Headbanger) 

Teachers Notes  (Headbanger)

Worksheets (Headbanger)


Year 7 Kooldood EXTRA

T1- Sum Number Fun - (Kooldood EXTRA)

T2- Introducing Area - (Kooldood EXTRA)

T3- Journey, Maps, Co-ordinates - (Kooldood EXTRA)

T4 - Shape - (Kooldood EXTRA)

T5 - Fractions and Decimals - (KooldoodEXTRA)

T6 - Handling Data - (Kooldood EXTRA)

T7 - Angles - (Kooldood EXTRA)

T8 - Number Patterns - (Kooldood EXTRA)

T9 - Nets, Cubes, Volumes - (Kooldood EXTRA)

Teachers Notes  (Kookdood EXTRA)

Worksheets (Kooldood EXTRA)


Year 8 Yerwat Mainstream

T1 - Number Technology (Yerwat)

T2 - Geometry is (Yerwat)

T3 - Sequences (Yerwat)

T4 - Probability (Yerwat)

T5 - Working with Numbers(Yerwat)

T6 - Skills in Algebra (Yerwat)

T7 - Areas, Volumes (Yerwat)

T8 - Fractions, Decimals and Percentages (Yerwat)

T9 - Measurement Skills (Yerwat)

T10 - Working with Data (Yerwat) 

Teachers Notes (Yerwat)

Worksheets (Yerwat)


Year 8 Chyps EXTRA

T1 - Number Handling 1 (Chyps EXTRA)

T2 - Symmetry (Chyps EXTRA)

T3 - Number Handling 2 (Chyps EXTRA)

T4 - Working with Letters, Directed Numbers (Chyps EXTRA)

T5 - Working With Data (Chyps EXTRA)

T6 - Working with Letters, Directed Numbers (Chyps EXTRA)

T7 - Fractions, Decimals and Percentages 1 (Chyps EXTRA)

T8 - Probability (Chyps EXTRA)

T9 - Measurement and Estimation (Chyps EXTRA)

T10 -Fractions, Decimals, Percentages 2 (Chyps EXTRA) pt1

T10 -Fractions, Decimals, Percentages 2(Chyps EXTRA) pt2

Teachers Notes  (Chyps Extra )

Worksheets Part a (Chyps Extra)

Worksheets Part b (Chyps Extra)












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