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The Authors

Barbara YoungBarbara Young is the leading author of each of the Jugglers’ texts. She has worked in the comprehensive system for over 30 years.

From 1980-1991, she was a member of the Spode Group, a group of teachers drawn from schools, colleges and universities throughout the UK, who believed that we should be teaching pupils not only basic mathematical concepts, but how to use these concepts in solving practical problems. The group produced both relevant and stimulating material for use in the classroom.

She has been an advisory teacher, an Open University tutor-counsellor, has run workshops for teachers and sessions for able students. She is a strong believer in the use of practical problems, puzzles, games etc as a major part of mathematics lessons, and insists that the mathematics must be RIGOROUS, but it should also be ENJOYABLE!

Turning down the chance of becoming a head of department, Barbara instead preferred to concentrate on working with students to produce highly motivational material. She enjoys working with students of all abilities. Much of her time has been spent in working with low attainers but she has also prepared students successfully for Oxbridge entrance.

Juggler’s material for low attainers was seen being used in several schools by Anita Straker, head of The Numeracy Strategy. She invited Barbara to produce a catch-up course for less able Y7 students using material from her low attainers texts. Springboard 7 was sent out to all secondary schools, free of charge in 2000.

 Andy Hamilton worked with Barbara on producing and trialling the Y7 & Y8 mainstream texts. Many of the ideas in these texts are his. It was a very successful and productive partnership, and both were delighted with the motivational effect on their students. However, Andy was destined for other things, already a very successful Head of Mathematics, he accepted the challenge of turning round a weak department, which left him less time to devote to produce new material. Today he is a highly respected Head Teacher, who has been all over the world advising on how to turn round failing schools.

Bob Percival agreed to work with Barbara to produce a GCSE text for low attainers. Bob had been inventing interesting material for these students for some time. Bob, a Head of Maths, has been an advisory teacher, run sessions for able children and is an enthusiastic ATM member. The Sureshot Guide, produced by Bob and Barbara, has been highly successful with disaffected students and those in Pupil Referral Units.

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