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Aiming High Mechanics Contents

Aiming High M1

Aiming High Mechanics
for both AS-Level and A-Level students
ISBN-13: 978-1-874428-22-7

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Contents of Aiming High : MECHANICS

(A & AS) Topic 1: Modelling Forces
Section 1: Simple mathematical models
Section 2: Newtonian Mechanics (drawing force diagrams)
Section 3: Forces as vectors (graphical methods: adding forces, components of forces, resultants of forces)
Section 4: Components of forces
Section 5: Resultants of systems of forces
(A & AS) Topic 2: Working with i,j vectors
Section 1: Introducing unit vectors i,j
Section 2: Adding and subtracting vectors
Section 3: Position vectors
(A & AS) Topic 3: Particles in Equilibrium
Section 1: Equilibrium (particles on strings and on planes, mass and weight, working out angles)
Section 2: Connected particles
Section 4: Calculating exact values (sin, cos, tan of 30°, 45°, 60°,  α = tan-1 3/4 etc)
(A & AS) Topic 4: Motion in a Straight Line
Section 1: Distance, displacement, speed and velocity
Section 2: (t,x) and (t,v) graphs, constant speed, average speed
Section 3: Constant acceleration formulae (uvats) and graphs
Section 4: Graphs and uvats
(A & AS) Topic 5: Newton's Second Law: F = ma
Section 1: Modern kinetics
Section 2: A variety of moving problems (lifts, motion on an inclined plane, connected particles on planes)
Section 3: Vector problems
(A & AS): Topic 6: Kinematics and Calculus
Section 1: Variable acceleration
Section 2: Working with uvats and vectors
(A Level only) Topic 7: Yet More Vectors
Section 1: Vectors and Calculus
(A Level only) Topic 8: Working with friction
Section 1: Introducing friction
Section 2: Rough inclined planes
Section 3: Calculating exact values
Section 4: Motion with friction
(A Level only) Topic 9: Working with Moments
Section 1: The turning effect of forces
Section 2: Parallel forces
Section 3: Parallel forces in equilibrium
Section 4: Non-parallel forces in equilibrium
Section 5: Rigid body equilibrium
Section 6: Liniting and non-limiting friction
(A-Level only): Topic 10: Projectiles
Section 1: Horizontal projection
Section 2: Projection at an angle
Section 3:The path of a projectile
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