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2017 Aiming High Mechanics

By Barbara Young

Develops understanding and good mathematical practice.

Aiming High M1

2017 Mechanics Book
(for A and AS students)
ISBN: 978-1-874428-22-7


Teachers CD RESOURCE PACK (free when 8 books have been ordered)

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The Aiming High Mechanics text contain everying a student needs:

  • clear waffle-free explanations.
  • plenty of examples.
  • basic technique practice exercises leading up to questions of examination standard.
  • a large bank of AS/A Level Exam revision questions at the end of the text with a COPYMASTER booklet of model answers in the Teacher’s Resource and Assessment Pack.

Optional Teacher's COPYMASTER Resource & Assessment Pack CDs are also available for Aiming High Mechanics which each contain:

  • brief teaching notes.
  • student’s study guide, which also contains a list of formulae that must be learnt.
  • model answers to competence tests, where competence tests are in the text, at the end of each topic.
  • a test and retest for each unit.
  • model answers to tests and retests.
  • COPYMASTER booklet of model answers to the large bank of AS/A Level Exam revision questions at the end of the text.

Contents of Aiming High Mechanics: 

(A&AS) Topic 1: Modelling forces
(A&AS) Topic 2: Working with i,j vectors
(A&AS) Topic 3: Particles in Equilibrium
(A&AS) Topic 4: Motion in a straight line
(A&AS) Topic 5: Newton's Second Law: F= ma
(A&AS) Topic 6: Kinematics and Calculus
(A-Level only) Topic 7: Yet More Vectors
(A-Level only) Topic 8: Working with Friction
(A-Level only) Topic 9: Working with Moments
(A-Level only) Topic 10: Projectiles
Exam Revision Questions: Start of revision for the Mechanics material in the exams



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