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A Standard or Flexible Learning Course for 2016 … and beyond…

The 2017 A-Level Mathematics Syllabus is delivered in four books, (A-Level) Pure Mathematics 1 (Topics 1-13), (A-Level) Pure Mathematics 2 (Topics 11-20), (AS-Level) Pure Mathematics 3 (Topics 1-12), and Mechanics (AS-Level Topics 1-6, A-Level Topics 1-10)

Each text in the Aiming High series can be used as a Standard Text Book, with all topics developing using a structured approach. 

However, each text can also be used as a Flexible Learning Course.

4 books


Features of a Flexible Learning Course.

  • Each module is divided into units, lasting 3-5 weeks.
  • Students work through each unit on their  own, asking for help from the teacher as it is required. This way students get individual tuition as and when they need it. However, the teacher can teach some or all of the material to the whole class or to groups of students, using their experience and expertise to judge what is best for their group of students.
  • At the end of each unit, the student does a competence test, using the text for reference, if needed. The competence tests are in the text, at the end of each unit. When the teacher has marked this, the teacher discusses it with the student, looking for weaknesses in understanding and/or explanation, and hands it back to the student for corrections to be done. In extreme cases, the student knows that the teacher may ask to see the student’s file of work on this topic. This picks up the cases where a student has not done all of the work! The answers to the competence tests are not included, as students need to be able to do this test without access to any answers.
  • Only when all corrections are done to the teacher’s satisfaction, can the student sit the end-of-unit test, which is done under standard test conditions. Marks below 70% trigger an investigation into what  has gone wrong and, eventually, a re-test.
  • Each student is also given a booklet  containing study advice, which comes complete with  due dates for each competence test, and for the modular exams. As soon as the competence test has been handed to the teacher for marking, the student starts the next unit.
  • At the end of each module there is a selection of exam questions which have been organised into topics. The model answers for these exam questions are in the Teachers Resource and Assessment Pack.

Advantages of this Flexible Learning Course:

  • Students take responsibility for organising their own work. Having due dates for the whole module, and the date for the modular exam, they can see that there is little room to get behind.
  • University visits, field trips, etc. do not disrupt the course. Since students have dates to work to, they organise their work to fit round these interruptions.
  • Individual tuition means that students get help as and when they need it.
  • Able students have everything they need here to work on their own. Let them go and watch them fly.
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